Hestra Gloves Reviews Our Best Picks in 2020 

 March 12, 2020

By  Top Gloves Guide Team

Looking at buying a pair of gloves for cold weather?

We’ve all been there before…

Instead of relaxing and enjoying your outdoor adventure activities, you can’t help but keep thinking about your brutally cold hands from the palm down to the fingertips.

It’s not a fun feeling, especially after you thought that you finally found a pair of quality outdoor gloves to keep your hands warm.

Maybe you struggle with cold hands like we used to. That is… until we found Hestra Gloves! If only we knew right now what we didn’t know before we wasted hundreds of dollars on useless cold-weather gloves.

We dedicated our lives here at Top Gloves Guide and we can tell you first hand that there are no shortcuts or “better options” than this company. They are without question the KING of gloves that are designed to keep your hands warm.

Believe us when we say it… we literally tried hundreds of other options. Our expert opinion? It’s not even close.

Now… with that being said, they are also one of the most expensive brands.

Want to know a little secret though about saving money pertaining to purchasing gloves?

We wasted more money on “knock off” brands because we had to buy more than a pair.


Because they kept falling apart, didn’t do what they said they would. In addition, all of that money added up to more than what you would pay for one time with Hestra.

This company's products are high quality, proven and trusted by some of the world’s greatest travelers, researchers, athletes and professional outdoor workers. Getting excited yet?

Who is this Review For?

This Hestra gloves review is for people like you and me that enjoy:

  • Outdoor sports, such as skiing, cross country, cycling and alpine
  • Outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, etc
  • Outdoor working

About The Hestra Company

A Sweden company that has been creating gloves since 1936, Hestra is gaining more popularity as we turn into the new decade.

One thing we always appreciate is a company that creates everything in-house. That means zero outsourcing to countries like China or Taiwan.

That’s right, Hestra creates everything from the raw materials to the stitching and sustainability. You get what you pay for with products from this company - the highest quality!

Types of Gloves by Hestra

There are a few types of gloves that this company makes. We’ll list the categories below, then we’ll reveal our overall top picks.


  • Alpine Pro
  • Alpine
  • Alpine Racing
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Horse Riding
  • Mountaineering
  • MTB / Bike / Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Sport Classic / Dress

Now that you’ve seen all the different types of mitts this company makes, it’s time to reveal our favorite pairs, along with what’s trending recently!

Hestra Fall Line Glove Review

this is an image of the popular Hestra fall line gloves

A worldwide fan favorite, the Fall Line model is probably the best overall Hestra glove, and the most popular.

First and foremost, this glove was designed and developed for professional mountain guides, ski instructors and freeriders. Pretty much anyone that needs something strong to protect their hands while also keeping them warm when being outside in the brisk fall weather for long periods of time.

Key Features

Full Leather Construction

Real leather is like a slice of homemade pie from grandma! Fall Line is created with soft and supple cowhide leather. It’s very comfortable and designed to last a long time for you.

Thin Insulation

The insulation retains warmth, but it’s thin enough not to construct the comfort for your hands.

External Seams

This helps ensure your dexterity isn’t compromised.

Neoprene Cuffs

Sleek, short and comfy cuff fits easily under any jacket. This gives you a nice, clean and streamlined look. You can use the simple hook and close mechanism to keep the elements out.

Similar and Related Products

The Final Verdict

Depending on what you are looking for - if you need something strong, but simple this is the perfect pair for you. You’re getting high quality leather material, thin insulation, external seams and neoprene cuffs.

This is a great value and the Fall Line will have a long glove life for you. We bought ourselves a few pairs over the last few years. Every year keeps getting better and better!

Top Hestra Ski Gloves

There’s a lot of us skiers out there and the one thing we all want is a trusted pair of ski gloves. Hestra provides this opportunity. If you haven’t tried one of their top selling pairs, now is your chance to jump on board. They are trending HOT right now!

Speaking of trends… we bring to you the...

Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves Review

this is a picture of the heli ski gloves in action on the slopes

Have you been hearing all the buzz lately about the Heli model? That’s because it’s gaining some incredible popularity.

But why?

Strictly because of the quality. Overall it’s just a very well-made glove that is designed to keep your hands warm in super cold conditions while skiing. You can also use these as snow shoveling gloves or even everyday use.

What We Love

First and foremost, we absolutely love the high quality materials. Thin insulation on the inside, but just enough to keep your hands warm, and without making them sweat.

Second, we love the potential glove life. We’re talking a couple years of usage, and it’s all because of the quality material by this company.

Lastly, if your hands run cold in general, these are a perfect pair for you. They protect your fingers down to your wrist and part of your forearm. The cuff is adjustable so that the elements can stay out and you can keep your hands warm.

Similar and Related Products

The Final Verdict

Here’s the deal, if you love alpine pro or skiing recreational, these gloves are a really sound choice because they do what they say they do - keep your hands warm in cold conditions.

We think they are pretty stylish, but if you don’t like the way these look, here are some similar pairs that are also match their quality.

Heated Options & Best Sellers

Do you love spending a lot of time outside in really cold weather?

If so, you may want to consider heated rechargeable battery gloves and mittens options. This company has a few options here that we want to show you, so you can keep those hands nice and toasty.

Waterproof Power Heater Glove

this picture shows the hestra heated gloves

First off, this pair will run you a lot of money. It's just under $400 and that can be really steep.

Second, the reviews are mixed with good and bad opinions. However, mostly low star ratings, which is important to know.

When We Tried Them

What we will say, is the quality of the material is very good. As far as the heated mechanism... not very good.

It seemed like the heated option worked inside, but not outside. We tested a bunch of heated gloves, and our opinion is that there are way better options for a fraction of the price

Alternative Options with Higher Ratings

The Final Verdict

We do NOT recommend buying these gloves by Hestra. They cost way too much for a product that many people are unhappy with. Our advice? Go with a cheaper, alternative option from one of the four above.

Alpine & Pro Bestsellers

Check out all of the best sellers for Hestra Alpine and Alpine Pro gloves that are designed to keep your hands warm in the coldest of climates. This allows you to focus on what you love, not your cold hands.

Final Thoughts

As you finally come to the end of this article, it is clearly evident that Hestra is a world-class glove maker! The quality materials mixed with years of experience is the reason why so many outdoor lovers trust this company.

Top Gloves Guide Team

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