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Last updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 10:20 am

There are two types of lifters; those who wear weight lifting gloves and those who don’t. There’s no right or wrong way to lift, it’s entirely up to your needs and personal preferences. But if you’re someone who wears, or would like to wear, a pair of gloves while you lift, you’re in the right place because we chose the best 10 and broke them all down for you here.

We drew from our personal knowledge, consulted with some of our resident gym rats, and scoured hundreds of reviews to find the cream of the crop. What we discovered is that not all gloves for weightlifting are made equal. Luckily, we weeded out the duds and rounded up the top performers below.

Top 10 Best Weightlifting Gloves While Working Out

We’ve tested, tried and pushed through the toughest workouts with every one of these pairs. There’s something for everyone in our list, that’s for sure. For those of you who sweat bullets in the gym, we even have the best workout gloves for sweaty hands. Let’s get going so you can get a better grip on your lifts.

#1: SIMARI Workout Gloves for Women Men

If you’re looking for superior support and protection, this pair is hard to beat. These SIMARI best Workout Gloves protect your entire hand while you lift. The thick foam padding on the palm helps to absorb shock and fight callousing. Additionally, thanks to the extended wrist, you get wrist support and protection, too. So, for those who suffer from weak or injured wrists, you can help minimize injuries with this pair that firmly straps to your wrists, keeping them stable while you lift heavy. There are loops on the fingers that make taking these off after a heavy workout simple and there’s a handy terry cloth on the thumb to wipe away sweat mid-workout. These work for both men and women, there are five color options, and sizes range from X-small to X-large.

#2: Updated 2020 Version Professional Ventilated Weight Lifting Gym Workout Glove

Comfort and breathability are the names of the game when it comes to this pair from Ihuan. These offer full protection of your hands and wrists while you lift to help protect them from strains and other injuries. There’s a thick, but not too bulky, foam pad located on the palm that provides a buffer between you and the weights. We have to say, this pair was definitely built to last. They’re designed from a tough Neoprene that’s water-resistant and ultra-durable, so you can count on uses these for many workouts to come. Furthermore, the fabric is airy and breathable – no more sweaty hands interfering with your lift and form! These are designed to work well for both men and women, coming in two color options – pink for the ladies and black for the gentlemen. Sizes range from small to X-large.

#3: skott 2019 Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves

Skott is a brand known for high-quality lifting gear and accessories, and this pair of weightlifting gloves is just another great product in their arsenal. These are designed to give you a close, secure fit while still maintaining optimal comfort. The integrated wrist straps feature exceptionally strong and resilient wrist straps that stay in place firmly and keep your wrists protected all workout long. The palms are gel printed to prevent any slippage that can lead to poor form and injuries and there’s a high-density foam to help soften the impact of your weights. These are great for men and women alike and are perfect for novices and experienced lifters alike. Black is your only color choice and sizes range from small to 2XL.

#4: New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

We chose this pair from Fit Active Sports for a few reasons, the first of which being that we loved the design. Unlike most of the weightlifting gloves you’ll find, this pair doesn’t cover the back of your hand entirely. This can lead to less sweating and a more natural feel altogether. The palm and thumb areas still provide full coverage so you can still count on the protection you need against callouses. The built-in wrist straps offer awesome protection and stability through all your cleans, snatches, and jerks. And the extra, heavy-duty gripping material on the palms helps ensure you’re safe and efficient with your lifts. These are perfect for both men and women with sizes ranging from x-small to X-large.

#5: SIMARI Workout Gloves for Women Men

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, minimalist-style glove to take to the bench, this pair is an excellent option. This pair offers a simple style that focusses mostly on your comfort when lifting. There is a wrist strap, but it doesn’t go up the forearm, so if your main concern is hand protection, this is a great choice. The material used is a high-quality, durable microfiber that is ultralight and breathable. These give you the perfect balance between protection and freedom and are perfect for both men and women. Sizes range from X-small to X-large and there are plenty of colors to choose from.

#6: Elite Leather Gym Gloves

One look at these leather gloves from Grip Power Pads and you’ll know that these are a serious pair of gloves for lifting weights! We love the style and design of these, from the premium leather to the extra padding, slipping your hands into these feels like a dream. Another great feature is their handy loops located on the fingers which allow you to easily take your gloves on and off, thereby avoiding the unnecessary hassle that other options usually bring. These have awesome gripping power and the wrist protection is top-notch, too. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee which tells you that this company stands behind their products. Sizes range from X-small to X-large and there are three color options.

#7: Nike Elemental Midweight Mem’s Gloves nkNLGD5055

This next pair is from a brand that we all know and trust, Nike. These workout gloves are simple and minimally padded. If you’re looking to get just enough protection to avoid calluses but avoid any extra bulk, these are the pair for you. These are for the gym rats who would rather not wear gloves but need to before of unsightly and sore callusing. The back is made of a breathable mesh that helps prevent sweating and excess moisture. There are five integrated finger pulls that make taking these on and off a breeze. There’s a loop wrist enclosure, but the glove ends at the bottom of your wrist, so not the best choice for those who need wrist support. These work well for men and women and sizes range from small to X-large.

#8: NH Weight-Lifting Workout Crossfit Fitness Gloves

Looking for grip and palm protection in the most minimalistic form? Then you have to check out this pair from NH. These are ergonomically designed to help enhance your performance during heavy weight training – this helps give you the edge you’ve been looking for! The palm features their signature silicone rubber beading that ensures your hands won’t slip. Since the coverage with this pair is so minimal, you avoid the hassle of hot, sweaty hands and smelly gloves. The best part about this pair is the fact that you’ll barely notice that they are on – except for the fact that you’re able to grip and rip your weights like never before. Sizing for these run from small to large and men and women can both wear these comfortably.

#9: Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

We went a bit off the beaten path with this choice, but one look at the over 2,000 positive reviews and you’ll see that these are the real deal when it comes to weightlifting. These allow you to take the pressure and strain of your weights off of your wrist. With Cobra grips, the weight your lifting rests on the base of your hand, not your wrists. Those with carpal tunnel or other wrist instability issues will love these. These allow you to have complete control of your weights at all times while protecting your wrists, palms, and fingers. Men and women can both wear these and there are several color options to choose from. You also have a choice between rubber and leather, depending on your preferences.

#10: HTZPLOO Workout Gloves Gym Gloves Weight Lifting

This pair from HTZPLOO is an affordable option for lifters who want a little bit of everything when it comes to hand and wrist protection. These offer full palm protection, with gel-like padding, as well as full wrist protection. These are proven to actually enhance your hand flexibility and help you to focus more on your training and less on your hands and wrists. Don’t be fooled by the low price, these hold up to even the most intense lifts. For those who are looking to get a pair of gloves to help protect their wrists without breaking the bank will be delighted with this pair.  There are three color options to choose from and sizes range from small to X-large.

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