Our 10 Recommended Tactical Gloves Review in 2020

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Last updated on March 20th, 2020 at 05:07 pm

Tactical gear is constantly being updated thanks to the rising demands of those who use it. Whether you’re a soldier in the field, a patrol officer in the streets or a civilian looking to be prepared and protected, having the best tactical gloves at your disposal is imperative.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to gear, you’ve got tactical gloves, shooting gloves, combat gloves, duty gloves, etc—regardless of which variety you choose, you need unparalleled protection while maintaining complete dexterity in the field. While you can certainly go grab any pair of gloves from your local retailer, if you’re serious about your tactical gear, you’ll want to take a look at our list below.

Top 10 Best Tactical Gloves for Military, Police & Cold Weather

Whether you’re looking for a pair of gloves to use while in uniform or you want to take your paintball game to the next level, these gloves will quickly become your new best friend. We hand-selected the following ten pairs of tactical gloves based on our personal experience and by scouring thousands of reviews. Premium hand protection doesn’t need to cost an and a leg, we have options that fit every budget.

Best Overall

#1: PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

this image shows the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Utility Gloves

We chose this pair of gloves as our best overall choice for several reasons. This pair allows for premium protection while maintaining maximum dexterity. These have been proven in combat by US Special Operations, which should give you an idea of the quality and ability of these gloves.

This pair allows you to maintain full use of your fingers while they are still on, so there’s no need to take your gloves on and off as you transition to and from the range—you can even use your phone’s touchscreen thanks to the thumb and trigger finger material.

They offer a barehand shooting feel thanks to the single layer, multi-piece palm. They also feature the thinnest available material on the trigger finger so that you can experience ultimate sensitivity. The knuckle padding is thick enough to keep you protected but thin enough that you could reach into your pocket and take something out should you need to.

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  • High dexterity
  • Touch screen compatibility
  • Barehand feel
  • Special Operations proven
  • Ventilation for moisture wicking
  • Available in women’s specific versions


  • Stitching may come apart on fingers after extended use

Overall rating: 9.9 out of 10

#2: Mechanix Wear – MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves

this is a picture of the Mechanix-Wear M-Pact tactical gloves

Mechanix Wear is a brand that’s synonymous with quality and durability, which is why we chose this pair as one of the best tactical gloves for shooting. But these are also a great option for everything from yard work to working on your vehicle.

This pair features Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle guards and finger guards which provide superior protection against impact. They feature their patented TrekDry technology that’s engineered to keep your hands dry and comfortable through extended use.

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact’s also feature D30 palm padding that helps to absorb and dissipate impact through your palm. These gloves are also machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain.

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  • Rubber knuckle and finger guards
  • TrekDry technology for moisture-wicking and comfort
  • Machine washable
  • 5 color/pattern options to choose from
  • Phone screen compatible


  • Thumb and index finger are boxy

Overall rating: 9.7 out of 10

#3: TitanOPS Full Finger and Half Finger Hard Knuckle

this is the TitanOPS

Titan OPS Tactical Gloves

TitanOps really stepped their game up with these tactical combat gloves. They managed to combine the perfect mix of protection, comfort, and durability to bring you a high-quality pair of gloves that will last through a variety of activities and uses.

These are made from a mix of Microfiber, leather, lycra, and nylon which helps them to be both warm and breathable. No need to worry about trapped sweat with this pair!

We love the adjustable wrist strap that allows you to make sure the glove is snug to your wrist. There’s hard molded plastic on the knuckles to protect them from the elements and there’s a reinforced grip for extra function and durability.

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  • Maximum breathability and sweat-wicking power
  • Reinforced palm and grip
  • Tight and durable stitching
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Machine washable


  • Not compatible with touchscreen use

Overall rating: 9.6 out of 10

#4: Glove Station The Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports

this image represents the Glove Station Combat Military tactical gloves

The manufacturer of these gloves really went the extra mile with these to ensure extreme toughness and durability. The knuckles are double reinforced to maximize protection during operation.

The PU leather palm and fingertips help to enhance your grip and are perfect for using your touchscreen without having to take your gloves off. Furthermore, there are additional padded mesh and rubber Aero vents located on the back that assists in faster heat dissipation.

There’s also a no-worry lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind that you’re getting a quality product from a company that stands behind their product.

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  • PU leather palm and padded mesh
  • Tactical rubber knuckle protection
  • Superior range of motion and dexterity
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May take some time to break-in

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10

#5: WTACTFUL Touch Screen

This pair from WTACTFUL earned our nod as one of the best tactical gloves for shooting thanks to the supremely reinforced palm and heavy-duty stitching that provides protection for your hands against abrasion. Although these gloves are awesome at protecting your hands, they manage to remain very comfortable.

The material used is a durable microfiber that’s wear-resistant, anti-slip, and fast-drying for ultimate comfort. This pair is extremely versatile, so whether you’re shooting, riding, or working, you can count on these to get the job done. Lastly, these are touch screen compatible, so you can conveniently use your phone without taking these on and off.

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  • Super-versatile
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Industry-leading abrasion protection
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • May be too short for those with longer than average fingers

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10

#6: Riparo Tactical Touchscreen Gloves

This pair from Riparo made our list thanks to its rugged build and durable design. The palm is reinforced with padding and double stitching that makes it perfect for use as tactical gloves, work gloves, shooting gloves, and just about anything else.

There’s breathable comfort technology included that vent your hands and keep them cool, even in the hottest conditions. Included is a Velcro wrist strap that allows you to keep your gloves tight and comfortable. Lastly, the touchscreen capability makes it easy to keep your gloves on for long periods.

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  • Rugged and durable design for longevity
  • Breathable for hot weather
  • Velcro wrist strap
  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • Several size options to choose from


  • Run on the larger side, so keep that in mind when sizing

Overall rating: 9.4 out of 10

#7: Survival Outlaw Black Tactical Shooting Gloves

This selection is a bit different than the rest as these come in a bulk pack of 20. We chose the Survival Outlaw gloves because they’re high-quality and durable and also a great deal.

If you have a whole crew or group that could benefit from tactical gloves or if you want to stock up for the season, this is an excellent option.

These feature excellent grip and dexterity for flexibility and movement in the field. The padded knuckles protect your hands from abrasions in all kinds of scenarios. You can achieve the perfect fit with the adjustable Velcro design.

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  • Comes in a bulk pack of 20
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Flexible for all kinds of uses
  • Padded knuckles
  • Adjustable wrist strap for the perfect fit


  • Not touch screen compatible
  • Run a tad on the small size

Overall rating: 9.3 out of 10

#8: M-Tac Winter Water Resistant Gloves

If you’re looking for the best winter tactical gloves, this pair is a great choice for the days when the weather is cold but you still need the protection and durability of a tactical glove.

This pair is very versatile, and thanks to the external material, they work to protect your hands against cold elements like wind and snow. These are 100% water-resistant but also quick-dry should they get wet. The palm area is double reinforced for maximum protection again wear while also maintain a serious grip.

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  • Superior warmth in cold conditions
  • Water-proof
  • Quick dry
  • Reinforced palm
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Several color options


  • No knuckle padding

Overall rating: 9.2 out of 10

#9: Glove Station The Combat Tactical Rubber Knuckle

This next pair from Glove Station makes our list as one of the best cold weather tactical gloves thanks to their superior build and airflow.

These aren’t technically marketed as winter tactical gloves, however, they get the job done better than most because they still have all the protection measures that you need out of this type of glove. The reinforced knuckle molding maximizes your hand protection during operation and the double stitch seams help increase their durability and longevity.

The palm and fingertips are made from PU leather for enhanced grip but also use with touchscreens. Perhaps our favorite feature is the no-worry lifetime warranty.

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  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Superior knuckle protection
  • PU leather for great grip and touchscreen use
  • Padded vents for airflow
  • Lifetime warranty


  • You may need to buy a few pairs (as with many of our top options), especially if you do some hardcore tactics!

Overall rating: 9.1 out of 10

#10: Mechanix Wear – M-Pact Covert

This pair gets our vote as the best Mechanix tactical gloves. We all know that this brand is known for its premium quality gloves, and this pair is no exception. Just one look at these and you’ll be impressed with their tough-looking design.

There’s Thermoplastic rubber on the knuckle and finger guards to protect your hands from impact. The dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides an extra layer of durability that you won’t find in many other gloves.

D30 palm padding helps to absorb and dissipate any high-impact energy to protect your hands. Furthermore, this pair is machine washable making them really convenient to clean and maintain.

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  • Extremely durable
  • Extreme palm padding for energy absorption
  • Dual-layer internal fingertip
  • Several color options to choose from
  • Machine washable


  • May not hold up with extreme, long-term use

Overall rating: 9.0 out of 10

Tactical Gloves Buying Guide and FAQs

Now that you’ve had a chance to review our list of the top 10 best tactical gloves, you may still have some questions and need more information before pulling the trigger on a pair–no pun intended. We rounded up all the information you need to make an informed buying decision and land yourself a pair of gloves that will serve your purpose and last you for years to come.

Q: What Are Tactical Gloves?

A: If you came here searching for the best pair of tactical gloves, but honestly aren’t sure what they really are, don’t worry you’re not alone. These gloves are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of police and military personnel by providing them with superior hand protection against a range of physical threats. While these gloves were designed with law enforcement and military personnel in mind, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a pair if you don’t fall in these categories. In fact, many civilians use these gloves for taking to the shooting range, riding motorcycles, playing paintball, and more. These gloves come in handy anytime there’s a threat to the safety and integrity of your hands.

Q: What Are Tactical Gloves Made of?

A: The material that these gloves are made of will differ from brand to brand. Most pairs are constructed from a blend of materials that give them their toughness, dexterity, and moisture-wicking ability. You’ll find that most of these gloves have rubberized plastic on the knuckles for superior protection and some kind of gripping material on the palm and fingers. Many will also feature touchscreen compatibility which requires a special material on the index finger. Leather is one of the most popular materials for these gloves.

Q: What Are the Best Tactical Shooting Gloves?

A: The gloves that make the most sense for shooting are ones that pay close attention to the shock-absorbing capacity in the palm of the glove. A pair like this one (Riparo Tactical Touchscreen Gloves Military Shooting Hunting Rubber Outdoor Gloves) is a great option because it features technology in the palm that’s intended to help absorb the force of the shot.

Q: How Important is the Fit of My Tactical Gloves?

A: The fit of your gloves is essential to their effectiveness. A glove that’s too tight will constrict your hand, limit your dexterity and range of motion, and cause your hand muscles to fatigue. On the other hand, a glove that’s too big can cause the glove to become ineffective at protecting your hand. We love tactical gloves with adjustable wrist straps as those can help to ensure that the gloves fit snugly on your hand. The other factor to pay attention to is the size guides for the gloves you’re considering. Make sure you take the time to measure your hands and fingers to ensure the proper fit.

Q: What is the Knuckle Padding Used For?

A: Most of these gloves feature knuckle padding, however, not all of them. The purpose of the knuckle padding is to protect your knuckles from whatever activity you’re involved with. A good pair will provide that padding you need without restricting your range of motion and ability to react to your surroundings.

Q: Are Tactical Gloves Touchscreen Compatible?

A: Some are and some are not. The majority of the pairs that made our list are compatible with touch screens which means you can use and control your phone without having to take your gloves on and off. This never used to be a major concern, however, as we grow increasingly dependent on our mobile phones, it’s important for many glove wearers that they have the ability to use theirs without the hassle of taking them on and off.

Q: How Long Can I Expect My Tactical Gloves to Last?

A: It depends on the pair you choose and the activity you plan to do with them. For example, if you’re someone who plans to use their gloves daily at the range, you may get anywhere from six months to a year of use before needing to replace them. Those who only dig theirs out for the occasional tactical event can expect to get two to three good years out of theirs.

Q: Can Combat Gloves Help with Gun Accuracy?

A: Yes, they can. Typically, with a high-quality pair of gloves on, you can expect to be able to squeeze the trigger easier. Also, you’re protecting your hands from a build-up of gun powder which can eventually cause your shot to suffer. This is why you’ll see police and military personnel using combat gloves because they’re able to make and execute split-second decisions easier.

Q: What Are the Best Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather?

A: The best tactical winter gloves are ones that provide additional layers of support as well as waterproof materials and moisture-wicking ability. When you’re outside in cold elements, you need pair like these (Glove Station The Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves for Men) to keep you warm and make sure that you stay dry, even through cold, blowing snow and rain.

Q: What Are the Best Tactical Gloves for Police?

A: The tactical gloves for police officers are ones that protect their hands from the various dangers they face on an everyday basis. From the threat of injury from an inmate or arrest to using their gun, it’s important that they have a pair that’s both flexible and durable to keep their hands out of harm’s way. We love this pair (PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves ) for our boys in blue.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a quality pair of gloves for your job or you need one for sport, it’s worthwhile to take the time to find a pair that will serve your purpose well. We hope our review and guide were able to shed some light on what to look for and that you use our expert recommendations to find a pair for yourself. Be safe out there!

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